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    Favorite restaurant in Tucson. I have eaten several dozen meals here and have never had a bad one. You may have seen "Mongolian grill" places before. They're like a large salad bar with vegetables, three kinds of meat (chicken, beef, pork), and noodles. You help yourself to each, filling your bowl with the raw ingredients you choose. There are also sauces, garlic, ginger, and special items like shrimp which can be added for an extra charge. These ingredients are then stir-fried on a large, flat grill. When finished cooking, your food will be brought out to you (remember to take a table tag - you'll see several of them on your table. These tags are used to match up your bowl with your seat since several bowls will probably be cooking at once). The food is simple, made custom for you, and is always delicious. The grill cooks food rapidly at a very high temperature. This yields crispy vegetables and moist, flavorful meat. If you're sick of soggy vegetables drowning in sugary sauces, you'll definitely find Panda House nothing short of inspirational. Nothing is added to your food unless you request it. You can have a complete meal without worrying about hidden MSG, sugar, salt, or thickening starches...more

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    I love this restaurant! We always get the hawaiian stir fry and the dumplings because they are really delicious! The staff and owner are very friendly and always remember us. I recommend it to anyone because it is healthy and great food...way better than fast food plus I am not a Chinese food chef so my husband prefers this over mine!

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    We have been patrons of this restaurant for over 9 years and visit probably 10 times a year. Our children have literally grown up here! A nice relaxed neighborhood family atmosphere with friendly staff and rapid turnaround on food preparation. The restaurant has a menu from which to order but we almost always just order the buffet where each patron selects from dozens of different noodles, rice, fresh vegetables, and meats (seafood and a few items cost $1 more) and add various sauces before they are cooked fresh on 'mongolian grill' and brought to your table within a couple of minutes. Stir fried rice, steamed rice, hot-and-sour/egg drop soup, and fried wontons are included. When the kids were younger they would ask for tortillas (it is Tucson after all) and make stir fry tacos! Prices are very reasonable for an all-you-can eat buffet and kids under 12 have the price adjusted by age. We are headed there again later today, which prompted this review

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    Panda house is awesome!! I've been coming here for 10 years and it never does me wrong. Best do it yourself stir fry I've ever had, and I consider myself an expert. If you live in Tucson and don't eat here every week, you're cheating yourself. Btw when you put the sauces in your bowl, go way heavier on the first scoop of dark sauce. They say to put in one, but I do somewhere in te neighborhood of 4-5. And like I said, I'm an expert.